I predict a “Mobile phone causes radiation” story this Sunday

Those who work with me will know one of my pet hates is dodgy science dressed up as news. There might be some who question how I can work in PR, an industry that has also been guilty of such practices.  I believe there is a difference between presenting information it a positive light to promote a product or service and actively looking for validation for a story or myth that has no scientific or statistically backing. Which brings me on to this request from the Mail on Sunday:

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 15.34.37I might be wrong but how can this be anything but a story designed to scare and misinform people? Surely the request should be for anyone experts with new research on the link between mobile phones and brain tumours? I hope I’m wrong (It’s the Mail so maybe not) but await Sunday to see exactly what ‘expert’ has been put forward and what the latest claim will be.