WTF? Is being ‘old’ a characteristic of bad presenter?

Every year our client the Foundation works with youths from under-resourced and low-income communities who want to learn about entrepreneurship within its BizAcademy programme. I had the pleasure of running a workshop with this year’s group on what PR is, how it works, tips on presenting and managing a reputation.

While I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and interest they showed in what makes news, I was amused (and offended at the same time) when I asked what characteristics make for a bad presenter. ‘Old’ was one of the replies I got back.
Seems harsh. Perhaps at the tender age of 33 my best presenting days are behind me.

As it turns out he was referring to people who pretend to be ‘down with the kids’ as bad presenters. Phew.

LEWIS has been involved with the BizAcademy programme for many years and the group will be going on to learn more about being entrepreneurs and business from various departments within and outside Judging by the characters, the future of UK innovation appears to be in good hands and I’m sure many (if not all) will go on to become champions of industry – as long as they don’t encounter any ‘old’ people along the way.