Waving to Google

I’ve recently become a lot more interested in Google’s activities. As a tech PR, I’ve always been interested in what Google’s up to but over the last couple of days this as taken a different turn. I’ll explain.

Firstly from a personal point of view my mobile phone contract with Orange and I’ve been looking at replacement phones with the Android platform. As anyone who’s been within five feet of me will know, I’m a big iPhone fan. But I’m keen to get my own first hand view of whether Google can really take on Apple. (I’m also looking for another toy to play with but that’s another story).

Secondly, and from a professional standpoint, I’m very interested in the recently announced Google Wave. My old colleague Drew B seems very excited by the prospect in brings. However I’m not too sure. Don’t get me wrong I like the idea but is the business world is quite ready to get its head round another communications platform just as it’s getting used to twitter? I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see.